Elegant Solutions - Wallet Space Pen

I've carried two pens on my person for a while now, a fountain pen and, as a go-anywhere, do-anything backup, a Fisher Bullet Space Pen.

In recent history alone I misplaced the Space Pen at least twice.  That is, until I started to carry it differently.

Being a pen that I didn't use frequently there was no reason to keep it incredibly accessible.  So, I thought, why not tuck it away in my wallet.  Most bi-fold wallets I've encountered have a perfect place just at the fold.  To allow for expansion and the like the wallet is typically designed with a hinge of sorts consisting of a bit more material; the perfect place to stash a small pen.

If a full-sized Bullet Space Pen is still too much, there's always this option, a great way to have the dependability of a pressurized pen without the bulk.  Of course, there's always the cap issue; something I'll start thinking about.  I will share any brilliant ideas here, of course.

Needless to say, where ever I go I now have a pen.  I haven't misplaced it recently, either!


I'm hoping to have a series of "elegant solutions," this, of course, being the first.

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