10/15/12 Pocket Dump

Nope, I don't just rant about stuff on the Intertubes.  I actually practice what I preach.

  • Wallet w/ Fisher Bullet Space Pen;
  • Field Notes Red;
  • LAMY Safari Fountain Pen - EF nib;
  • Nitecore EX11.2 w/ mini lanyard;
  • Spyderco Para-Military2;
  • Leatherman Charge TTi w/ lanyard;
  • Keys w/ SOG V-cutter and SOG bottle opener / screwdriver;
  • Victorinox Summit XLT Chrono.

With jackets slowly finding their way into daily use carrying stuff gets pleasantly easier; hence, the Leatherman.  Usually I wouldn't carry both a dedicated folder and a multitool but having at least twice the number of pockets at any given time makes carrying an extra item just that much easier.

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