1/17/13 Pocket Dump

Ordered some felt to line some drawers; a perfect opportunity to snap a photo.

This is what has been rattling around in my pockets (pants and jacket) recently:
  • Wallet w/ Fisher Bullet Space Pen;
  • Spyderco Para-military2;
  • Field Notes Expedition Notebook (excellent, thus far, despite being incompatible with water-based inks; pencil works very well and I’m beginning to prefer it, actually);
  • Staedtler 2mm Lead Holder;
  • Nitecore EX11.2;
  • Victorinox Alox Pioneer;
  • Bert’s Bees Res-Q Lip Balm;
  • Keys w/ SOG V-Cutter and Screwdriver / Bottle Opener;
  • Maratac Pilot’s Watch on DaLuca Nylon NATO.

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