Peak Design Capture Camera Clip and MOLLE Compatibility

I've gotten a bit of traffic lately from people searching for information relating to the Peak Design's Capture Camera Clip and whether it's compatible with MOLLE webbing.  I figured I could describe the manner in which I'm using the Capture on my TAD Lightspeed pack.

The attachment plate on the Capture is 1.75 inches in length.  When affixing the Capture to something along the lines of MOLLE or PALS webbing, the strap cannot have loops less than 1.75 inches in size.

On my Lightspeed the webbing on the straps is just that - 1.75 inches.

The GORUCK GR1 also seems to have straps that are compatible with the Capture.

The "traditionally sized" MOLLE webbing (about 1 inch between stitch-downs) on the remainder of the Lightspeed cannot accept the Capture device.

However, the body of the Lightspeed does have "wider" straps that are stitched under the traditional 1" webbing.  These can indeed accept the Capture.  The Lightspeed seems to be unique in this and I have not seen any other bags or equipment with the "larger" of the MOLLE compatible webbing.

Alternatively, it could theoretically be possible to cut the stitching between two loops and create a space just over two inches of space.  This could accommodate the Capture.  Obviously, this would damage the bag (or whatever equipment the Capture is being installed on) and could decrease the strength and reliability of the webbing.


In my evaluation, the Peak Design Capture Camera Clip is NOT compatible with "traditional" MOLLE.  The base-plate of the device is simply too large to slide into the one inch spaces found on most systems.

A 1.75 inch space is absolutely required to accommodate the device.  This style webbing exists on both the TAD packs (the Lightspeed and the EDC) and also, as far as I can tell, on the GORUCK bags (specifically the GR1).

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