Svord Peasant Knife Unboxing and Initial Impressions

Simple packaging for a simple knife.

I snagged a Svord Peasant Knife with a slim blue handle this past weekend.  It arrived in the mail today and, naturally, I snapped some photos.

The Peasant Knife is supposed to be the bare minimum in terms of a blade.  Allegedly it's based on a knife design found in Bohemia and Bavaria around three to four hundred years ago.  It's "available only to first class peasants."

Initial Impressions

Steel blade, aluminum handle, and brass screws.  Simple stuff.

As it's a friction folder there is a tang that extends beyond the handle when the blade is closed and folds in between the handle sections when the blade is open.  The tang wedged between the handle sections provides the friction keeping the blade open.  The "action" is very tight out of the box; it's possible to adjust the tension by adjusting the screws.  I anticipate that it will loosen up with use.

The edge was relatively sharp.  I took a few minutes and cleaned it up a bit and it took an acceptable edge.  The factory grind is a bit off-center.

Brass hardware isn't too shabby.

I'll be throwing it in my pocket for the foreseeable future and I'll be writing a formal review at some point.

A peasant's knife for a peasant's chores?

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