Can One Accidentally Practice EDC?

Though there seems to be widespread acknowledgement of the everyday carry discipline, there are still plenty of individuals who are unaware of the mindset.

Despite this, nearly everyone carries an assortment of things on their person.

This raises the question: "Can someone be unknowingly 'everyday carrying'?"

The snob in me wants to emphatically say, "No, everyday carry is only a conscious mindset."  That's probably the same part of me that spends months researching gear before pulling the trigger on my debit card and ponders the merits of tip-up vs. tip-down carry.

Practically, though, I'm not sure that's the case.  If we suppose that everyday carry is simply the attempt to preemptively solve problems then having anything - sunglasses, a tube of lipstick, tissues - is practicing the discipline.  Though more casual than some of us, it's still a viable approach.

Certainly, those casual EDCers among us could benefit from a bit of contemplation and refinement but at least they're in the right vein.  More people carrying things that they may need means fewer people asking to borrow my flashlight, knife, or pen, and that's just fine.

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