Battery Junction Facebook Cover Photo Contest

Earlier last week Battery Junction announced a contest to produce a new cover photo for their Facebook page.  Entries were to include products that Battery Junction sells and have some creative flair.  Contestants were given quite a bit of freedom to choose their subject and composition.  The winning entry would receive a free Olight M20S-X flashlight.

Naturally, I tossed my hat into the ring.  I take pictures of my gear all the time (obviously) and figured this would be a great opportunity.  The first two pictures I submitted weren't too great and I was expecting quite a bit of competition.  I buckled down and wondered, "what would make a good cover photo?"

I came up with this:

The winner was chosen earlier this morning and my picture was selected as their new cover photo!

I have to thank (again) those who took the time to "like" my photos; without everyone's support I couldn't have won this contest.  It's hard to describe the giddy yet humble feeling I have...

In any event, I gave them a call and my prize should be in the mail soon.

This contest really reaffirmed my support for Battery Junction; not just because I won, but because they have consistently great customer service and a great attitude towards their trade.  If you're looking for batteries, flashlights, or other gadgetry (including multitools, Maxpedition gear, tactical eyewear and gloves, etc.) I strongly recommend them.  You can't go wrong.

Moreover, if you "like" their page on Facebook (linked above) they routinely post discount codes which knock a few bucks off their already exceptional prices.

They're running the same contest for next month.  If you happen to be a photographer - professional, hobby, or otherwise - and happen to own some of the products they offer it would definitely be worth your time to snap a few shots!  The more entries they have, the better.

I'll be sure to run the Olight M20S-X through its paces when it arrives; be expecting a formal unboxing / initial impressions post and a thorough review in the future.

It's still a little weird to see my work adorning the top of their page; it's a bit hard to believe.  I guess obsessively taking pictures of gear is worth the time after all!

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